Join us and voice your concerns

Join us and voice your concerns and discuss issues that affect you as a father. Your attendance is an important part of developing policies that provide real solutions nationally… The ABF needs your participation!

The ABF Rolling Demonstrations Update.

Due to the success of the rolling demonstrations in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and the failure for any state or federal politicians to respond to our concerns, we will now move forward with national rolling demonstrations.

These events need your support and each state and territory has a coordinator that will connect you with teams in your area.

Please follow our Facebook page for events and updates.

The ABF Rolling Demonstrations.

Brothers we have public demonstrations being organised and need to know who of you would like to take part. You will need a car or truck and be Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne based or able to attend a Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne location at short notice.

We can no longer stand by while our brothers take their lives and our families are stripped of their wealth and assets by state and federal policies that continue to fail our children. Action is needed and the ABF with your support will now move into rolling demonstrations around the country. Private message the page and we can add you to a team in your state or territory.

If you are not in these areas or do not have access to vehicles you can still play a part in the success of our demonstrations.


The ABF volunteer court support program continues in 2017.

We have volunteer teams in most capital cities across Australia and are always looking for new team members. Court support is open to anyone who has had personal experience with family law or domestic violence and wants to help others. We ask that you purchase an ABF t-shirt and sign a waiver. Court support is open to men and women. Please contact the Facebook page for further details. Together we can bring change!

ABF & The Burger Bar Christmas Lunch

The ABF and the Burger Bar Mooloolaba are providing 200 free gourmet burgers on prepaid vouchers Christmas Day 2016. The don’t eat Christmas lunch alone is in support of families who are doing it tough. All proceeds from the event will be donated to two charities, the Salvation Army and Endalldv. The ABF is proud to be involved with such a great community event.

ABF Working Bees

The ABF has partnered with a Team #endalldv to produce crisis accommodation for fathers and their families who are exposed to domestic violence. The ABF runs regular working bees to refit crisis accommodation in a number of locations right around Australia. Updated details of working bees are listed on the ABF Facebook page in events. Everyone is welcome (including kids) to attend, please bring power tools and hand tools for general handyman work. Working bees run for a few hours and include a sausage sizzle and refeshments. All welcome.

#ride4dads Australia 

Check our Facebook page for Up To Date events around the county!

We host a #ride4dads the first Sunday of every month in Brisbane starting at the Family Court in Tank Street at 8:30am for a 9:00am departure. The ride is different each month and brings fathers and friends together to enjoy bikes and connect with and share lived experiences of family separation, child access issues, domestic violence and family court. The ride cost is $10 per bike with all proceeds donated by the ABF to Team #endalldv in support of their crisis accommodation program. We hope to have rides happening once a month in a location near you. If you would like run an event to support the program contact us via email or via the ABF Facebook page.

September 20th Wreath Laying Family Court Brisbane

Today marks 80 days since the July 2nd federal election. Over this time 240 fathers have taken their lives. What do we tell their families?

ABF Fathers Day BBQ in the Park: September 4th 2016 Goldcoast & Newcastle

ABF Fathers Day BBQ in the Park: September 4th 2016

Brothers we want you to organise and register a BBQ with the ABF as part of fathers day this year in your neighborhood.

Get a few friends together select a park and invite fathers and their families to bring a plate, share a meal and celebrate Dads in your community.

Check out the events on the ABF Facebook page for ideas on how to register, organise and cook for your fathers day BBQ.

Together we can raise much needed funds for the ABF & Endalldv community campaigns.

Triple M Radio Interview

Big shout out to Christian Argenti for asking me to speak on his talk back show about the ABF.

You can listen here…

Direct Action Events

Direct action events run weekly in most capital cities with team members attending the family courts to offer support to families and raise awareness of our call for change. You will need a T-shirt and be available during business hours to attend the courts to support parents. You can join a DA team by contacting us on Facebook.

T-shirt Fund Raiser

You can purchase a t-shirt via our online store and show those in your community that you are concern about the way fathers are treated in our society. Funds from t-shirt sales help run direct action events nationally!

You can also promote the #21fathers campaign by sharing this image and by using #21fathers in any of your social media posts!

Direct Action

The ABF direct action program commences the end of August 2014 and is ongoing.

All members of the public are invited to take part in the peaceful and legal public demonstration while we connect with and support parents in the family law system.

Change comes when you do more than ask for change you need to make it happen!

Contact the ABF organizer via email or social media for further details!

You need to be proactive and we need your support!

We are always keen to get together and discuss a way forward for all families in Australia. To date gatherings that have been organised have suffered from very low numbers of attendance. Without your input and support national policies are developed that do not meet our needs as fathers and resources for men’s and fathers rights do not get delivered or miss their mark.

Make yourself know to us and help us help you!

1000 Man March: TO BE CONFIRMED 

Change just doesn’t happen, it takes work and commitment.

If you really want change to child access policies so they meet with community expectations, your family’s needs as well as your needs as a father then we want you to stand up and be counted.

1000 men marching together will show the country we are serious about change.

Details & times will be confirmed!

The ABF is committed to changing policy regarding child access issues.

We need your help to bring about change, we need you to help build awareness and support by sharing this with other men also affected.

Join the mailing list and help recruit for change.

Together they will hear us!

CSA Picket Lines –  WE NEED YOU NOW

It’s time to take our pain and grievances to the streets and in particular the Buildings occupied by the Child Support Agency around Australia.

We supply the signs you supply the hands to hold them.

We want fathers and their supporters to grab a sign and show those in government that we are unhappy with the CS system by way of public protest.

Please contact us for details regarding the collection of branded signage and banners.

We will also allocate demonstration locations and a local team coordinator.

These are nonviolent demonstrations with a goal of highlighting the short comings of the CSA and the abuse of power fathers encounter with dealing with this department as a “customer”

Contact us via social media or email:

Brisbane at the City Botanical Gardens May 12 .


Turn out for the Brisbane event was lower than anticipated.

We booked the location, we spent the money for branding and we made a commitment to work toward change, the only thing missing was you!

The ABF is looking at ways to get the message out and communicate with parents affected by child access issues.

We need you to get involved for our campaign for change to be successful!

A date for the next public meeting has not been confirmed but we have made a commitment to continue with this program!

“The only thing missing from the pic below is you!”