Together fathers can change the system – our kids & our future depend on it


The ABF has its very own law firm, ABF Legal, which was established to provide Dads dealing with family separation and child access issues with expert advocacy support pokerinworld, legal advice and representation in all legal matters.


Through the ABF volunteer program, executive members of the group identified a failure of the family law and domestic violence legal network to adequately represent the needs of fathers who were dealing with relationship separation and subsequent child access issues.

The Australian Brotherhood of Fathers, in association with their partnered domestic violence charity Endalldv, elected to start their own law firm under the brand ABF Legal with the goal of representing Australian fathers and their families in all law firms for personal injury, domestic violence and family law matters while advocating for improved access to services and support for all victims of family and domestic violence.

The motto of ABF Legal is “Families Need Fathers” which represents our law firm’s underlying principle that our children and our society are better with fathers as role models and providers.

 You can call ABF Legal direct on 1300 224 383 during business hours to book in for a free consultation or connect with the ABF support network via 1300 008 602.

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