Together fathers can change the system – our kids & our future depend on it

We need to call out the system that ignores male victims of domestic violence and we need your help.
Sadly it’s all to common to see those who hold positions of influence in our society deliberately ignoring the failures of policy to deliver services and support to male victims of domestic violence.
We urgently need policy reforms that deliver intervention and prevention strategies, along with crisis support for all victims of domestic violence and their families.
If you know someone in a position of influence who has turned their back on victims because of their gender we want you to help us, Call Them Out.
Here’s four things you can do to help us,
1. Share your story with us via email at 
2. Follow us on Facebook and share and like our content while using the hashtag #callthemout 
3. Donate to us via our paypal account and keep our ads running on TV. 
4. Buy a #CallThemOut poster for the window of your police station or MP’s office.