Together fathers can change the system – our kids & our future depend on it


Welcome to the ABF’s Dads Support Group program.

Are you a separated Dad wanting to connect with other dads as you navigate child access disputes, domestic violence, child support or the family law system?

Our group session works through the changes and challenges separated dads like you will experience in an honest, healthy and proactive way.

You’re invited to join the ABF on Tuesday nights for our “Dads Support Group” at your local Dads Support Centre / ABF Office.

Group meetings run in person on a regular basis on the Gold Coast in Qld and in Newcastle NSW with more locations being organised near you.

The ABF also integrates Zoom meetings for Dads who are not able to attend the groups in person and we encourage you to connect with our Facebook Page for regular updates on how to access the ABF’s Online Dads Support Group.

If you need more information please call 1300 008 602