Together fathers can change the system – our kids & our future depend on it

Direct Action

Direct action and you
Australian fathers have been politely asking for a fair go from government for a number of years now with no real improvements or changes to family law or social policy for non-custodial fathers. The time for polite conversation is over and we now raise our voices together for change.

Fathers continue to call for a number of amendments to legislation to provide for better rights of access to their children after separation. These amendments would include mandatory provisions for shared care of children, family focused decisions from the family courts that proactively keep children connected to parents. Reforms to the child support agency’s calculations which provide incentives for co parenting after separation.

We are taking a number of issues onto the streets to raise public awareness about;

  • The loss of more than 3 fathers daily from suicide connected to family access restrictions
  • The lack of recognized parental rights of fathers after separation with limited or no child contact
  • The ever increasing costs of child support with the restrictions of access
  • The use of false allegations of violence and abuse to restrict child access without penalties
  • The high emotional and financial costs associated with seeking consent orders in the family court

The ABF with your support is committed to visiting all of our political representatives so they can hear our message in person, voices united that will turn our whisper for change into a roar.

The ABF direct action program is ongoing in each state and territory with teams seeking your support now. If you want to be involved in the direct action program contact us on via the ABF Facebook page and we can add you to a state team.

All members and followers of the ABF are invited to take part in the peaceful and legal public support program.

Change is coming and you can help make it happen. Contact us today.