Together fathers can change the system – our kids & our future depend on it


If you have done nothing wrong, do not consent!

Brothers the “Do Not Consent” campaign is about you understanding what your rights are when an allegation of family or domestic violence is made against you.

If you have been served with a notice to appear in court to answer a DVO, AVO, VRO, IO application you must attend and you must defend the allegation.

If you have done nothing wrong you must tell the registrar or the magistrate that you “DONOTCONSENT” to the order, and that you want the matter heard at trial.

At no stage should you allow your duty lawyer or retained lawyer to make you consent to any order where you did not commit violence against your accuser.

If you consent to the order and you have children;

  • You will be restricted access to your children
  • You will be restricted access to your home and assets
  • Your consent will be used against you in the Family Court
  • If your lawyer says consent, find a new lawyer
  • Apply for a cross order against your ex partner
  • Take every allegation made against you to trial
  • The order will always be on your record


Do Not Consent