Together fathers can change the system – our kids & our future depend on it

Domestic Violence

Brothers after a number of years campaigning for reform and attending the family and magistrates courts around the country we noticed a large gap in the delivery of services and support to fathers and their families who are experiencing family and domestic violence. We believe that if you are in the courts you are crisis and will need access to some form of support or crisis service.

We maintain the attitude that complaining about policy failure without action to fix it is pointless.

The ABF has partnered with End All Domestic Violence Ltd to produce crisis accommodation as part of their short term crisis support program. Part of our goal is to provide overnight accommodation for men and their families who find themselves dealing with domestic and family violence. The reality for many fathers is if they are forced to leave their homes there is often no where to go.

The benefits the ABF gets from being involved with this program are 

  1. Our volunteers are provided with an opportunity to contribute to delivering services that do not exist.
  2. Supporting Endalldv promotes our belief that gender does not determine who can be a victim
  3. We can make real change in a fathers life the moment we show them that his community will support him
  4. Intervention is an important part in the prevention as we seek to end the cycle of violence in our society
  5. Providing respect and empathy to a father when he is in crisis will reduce the national suicide rate


You can find out more about the work End All Domestic Violence Ltd does here