Together fathers can change the system – our kids & our future depend on it

The ABF & You

Join us and stand together for the rights of fathers and help us change this one sided system. This is your chance to get involved and have your say on how policy should work to offer you and your kids a better life!

Welcome to being a separated father!

If you are here you are probably separated from your children and disillusioned by current social policy. You’re looking for some kind of answer that doesn’t involve spending your entire life savings in court to only receive two days a fortnight and half of school holidays if you’re lucky.

Like you, many men feel that the system does not provide the support your family needs or outcomes that seem fair or at times even humane. At the same time it feels like policy makers and the courts are siding with mothers, forgetting the important role fathers and our extended families play in our children’s lives and they in ours.

Our communities, our families and our children need fathers to play an active part in the very important role of developing well rounded emotional stable kids. Children need fathers just as much as fathers need children, the connection helps families maintain a healthy, happy and productive life.

  • We are about fixing broken policy
  • We are about improving the rights of all families after separation
  • We want our kids to have equal access to both parents
  • We want to be financially independent of our ex partners
  • We want to move on after separation and be happy in our lives

At the ABF we know you are well and truly up to the task of being a great father and a positive role model. We want to do everything we can to improve your rights of care, allowing you equal access and support to care for and nurture your kids like any parent.

To do this we need you to step out of your support to help us generate some noise as we lobby for fathers rights, the rights of our children and the rights of all families across the country.

Change is coming.